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Binder Program

The Coastal Bend PRIDE Center recognizes that using a chest binder is a great way for transgender and other non-gender conforming individuals to ease their anxiety and gender dysphoria. It is important to note following proper binding practice is essential for your comfort and your health in order to achieve the best possible binding experience. The PRIDE Center is pleased to assist with questions and fit regarding a binder purchase, as well as provide a free binder to individuals that cannot afford or access one. We order binders as needed.

If you would like to contribute to this program, we welcome monetary donations as well as binder donations. Since binders are undergarments, we prefer all items to be donated as new. However, we know that binders are unique to each person’s chest size, so a $25 donation would be very helpful and appreciated if you would like to donate the cost for purchase.

Binders can also be ordered for free through the following websites below if buying one is cost prohibitive. These programs are intended to help transgender individuals who otherwise can not afford or access a binder. We ask that you consider your access before applying.

gc2b provides “accessible, comfortable, and safe binding options designed by trans people.” Binders are available in both half and full length.

Genderbands offers free chest binders, as well as educational resources for proper use, for those who are low on funds, and identify somewhere on the transgender spectrum.

Additional Resources

Join us for LGBTQIA+ & The Bible led by Reverend Dana Worsham of St. Paul United Church of Christ of Corpus Christi. It will be a 4 part workshop that will meet on Tuesdays in the community room next to the PRIDE Center. First meeting is next Tuesday July 5th.

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We want to thank Theo, as he gets ready for his next adventure for representing Community Health Outreach and the LGBTQIA+ community.

"Theodore Woods IV has made many significant musical accomplishments such as Performing in Eisenstaedt, Austria, background singer for Chris Tomlin, as well as a participant in many prestigious organizations. Recent performances include soloist engagements with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Opera Workshop Speed Dating tonight, Hansel & Gretel, TAMUCC Bach Festival, Berkshire Choral International, Cornish American Song Institute, Classical Music Festival, Corpus Christi Hooks National Anthem.

My advice for young LGBTQIA+ is too Live life to the fullest and never back down from challenge because you will come forth as gold. "

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David (he/him) is an integral part of our Clinic here at @cbwellness thank you for providing our clients with the best medical care.

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And finally to end PRIDE month right we want to celebrate @cbwellness CEO Bill Hoelscher(he/him) who has worked to bring equality to the community and make sure services are provided to the LGBTQIA+ Community. Happy PRIDE Month!!!

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Hello Beautiful people! My name is Abigail Accipiter (she/her), and I am one of the teen pregnancy prevention educators! Outside of work I enjoy reading, arts and crafts, classical violin, horror movies, and volunteering. My simple joys in life include making people laugh, trying new things, and appreciating nature.

My advice to the future LGBTQ+ generations is blood is thicker than water. The family you choose is stronger than the one you are born into. If you don’t feel accepted by friends, family, or community, don’t fret. There are so many people that will love you the way you deserve to be loved in your unique format; find those people and hold them close.

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